Brief explanation of the aim of all
Audio-Visual productions of
Casting International's mission:

'Reality-TV of the Purple Peace Keepers' (RTPK)

Amsterdam, September, 2017; seventh generation, Version 7

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I): Introduction 'Reality-TV of the Purple PK's'

Amsterdam, September 2017.

Dear Sir/Madam,

At some point during its development over the last 27 years, you have been approached and introduced to
an original Audio-Visual + ICT concept titled 'Reality-TV of the Purple Peace Keepers' (RTPK).

The business concept is in the form of a splinter multinational, as a private problem shooter
within international development co-operation in a commercial manner. To help solve universal problems.


Our mission is to help make the communication of United Nations organizations more efficient and more effective.


Our vision to achieve this is by training our ‘own’ video production teams that afield can serve as eyes & ears.

Two lines pitch of RTPK:

Reality-TV (RT):          an internet TV station (vocal piece) for, and strategically driven by the United Nations-organizations,
                                       financially self-sufficient, and earning money to finance the:
Purple Peace Keepers (PK): worldwide deployable military organized hightech observation teams of specially trained observers,
                                       which provides the UN afield with eyes and ears in ‘real time’.

Set up:

The aim is the creation of an organized military set up, without guns but equipped with non-lethal weapons and uniform.
For this, students from higher education and trainees from secondary vocational training (50-50 male/ female) are selected and recruited
and trained in video production teams according to a standard programme that has its origin in the training syllabuses for Dutch army
conscripts during the Cold War, and which has been innovatively adapted for training such teams in order to realize many UN-film assignments.

Only trainees who have completed their traineeship with an 8, 9, or 10 (Dutch Educational scale 0-10) are offered time contracts.

Teams to be sent on mission are led by a former career officer, expert, or film production specialist, or domain expert
during film productions with a duration ranging from 1 week to max. 3 months.
There are three degrees of risk operations:
  • Low (all productions in the Benelux)
  • Medium (most)
  • High (warzones, organized crime, anticorruption projects).

The teams are multi-disciplinary in terms of their educational composition allowing them to work as a self supporting entity.
The freelance time contracts allows for a noncommittal to missions, but there are many needed with different levels and training.
State of affairs today (after 5 years): 120 persons available for CREW time contracts and 30 for STAFF time contracts.


Integrity (do what you say, and say what you do)
Courageous, determined and merciful
We take negativisms, and make them positive!

Our video teams make the following kind of (edutainment) video-films:
- promo's (Box of Pandora, OPCW)
- documentaries (Culture differences Afghanstan-Holland)
- feature films
(Examples military /war films)
- research reports (Preparation for reconnaissance to Uganda)
- reconstructions (Examples of casting, second unit, Special Effects)
- commercials
- liaisons (Interview ambassador Iraq)
- instruction films (How chemical weapons look like)
- virals
(Video-CV of a maffia capo)
- International...Researches (International DISARMAMENT Researches)
- formats and mediaplans (Format So speak!...: mediaplan impressions)
- witnesses & victims statements
(Why no chemical weapons)
- video CV's (The future of Northern Iraq)
- video business and organizational presentations
(The proces of making sweets)
- Search&Find-engines for video clips (Chemical weapons knowledge sharing)
- Scripts /Scenario's/Screenplays/Treatments/Planning/Financial breakdowns    (2 opposing motives)

All genres:
- Horror (Lesson: Voodoo war)
- Comedy (Pockets filler)
- Animations (Only love can overwin the parasite)
- Fiction (Script: the right to be forgotten)
- Entertainment (The tsetse fly murderer)
- Educational (Difference between awareness & belief)

The color purple:

The colour purple of the ‘Purple Peace Keepers’ comes from the mixture of blue (colour of free market trade) with red (colour of planned economies).
Blue is also the symbol of love, generating happyness; Red is symbol of compassion, neutralising suffering.
These associations are the main drives of these male and female observe-warriors.
Practically, the colour purple is lightly dominant in their camouflage uniform for purposes of identification in the fields they are operating in
(so not to be mistaken as another particular army).
For a visualisation of their uniform: CLICK HERE

Also their insignia-symbol ® CLICK HERE on flags and emblems make recognition and identification clearly possible.
The objective of this innovative system is to provide all United Nations organizations specialised eyes and ears,
through which the UN-decisionmakers will better monitor their 'making a better World' operations Worldwide.
The by Purple Peace Keepers continuously recorded real time images are sent directly by satellite and internet,
reducing bureaucracy costs and increase vigour.


This name is derived from (near-)real-time streaming video-images. This internet TV-station has 5 channels.

The business model is:

  1. Advertisers & sponsors: we are a media-content ad provider, a marketing tool for companies by product-& inscript-placements in our programs;
  2. Sale of © rights & licensing of formats and programs to other (inter)national media channels.
  3. Sales of subscriptions
  4. First moving AV production company for clients giving Filmthis!...-commands such as UN-agencies, I.O.'s, commercially companies, and N.G.O.'s to provide knowledge sharing by videoclips Search&Find-engines;

Extra values:

RTPK gives the UN a mouthpiece, generating more support of the (World)civilians.
It encourage international cooperations between Non Governmental Organisations, civil societies and companies by liaisons.
It also educate, earn money, prevent and advice without moralism.
CLICK HERE to read about our vision on solving universal problems.


To finance the infrastructure: see businessplan.
To finance the productions we use crowd-fundings.
To finance this military organised order of Purple Peace Keepers, the internet TV-station sustains itself
through advertisers & sponsors who surf on Worldwide high-ratings.
Also specially developed mediaplans with 'included commercial' featurefilm formats finance the RTPK-system. see for example CLICK HERE

For an overview of all the 5 TV-channels CLICK HERE.

For a detailed overview of the Management and Control by Staf-Staf and Oproom CLICK HERE.

United Nations:

Presently the UN shows an intense willingness to work more effectively;
however the organization is encumbered with too much bureaucracy.
The UN-system needs to change in their stilted paperwork, complicated procedures, and a lack of communications.
Thus nowadays, the UN is always walking behind the facts and is not able to fully realize their goals;
it can not prevent causes of suffering:
for example refugees, because it focus on symptoms rather than causes.
At present the financial costs are greater than the results.
The way of communications of the system has to change, not the aid, not its purpose (to make a better and safer World based on
Human Rights, peace, 'honest' trade, law and Justice, healthier life and education all these for present and new generations).
These are some of the reasons why the RTPK will become a valuable key for the UN.


The first idea's for RTPK arose in 1979-1980 when undersigned was working as a lieutenant for UNIFIL in the Middle-East.
From 1989 - on: the project was continually researched and developed.
Since 1991 - on: concepts, formats, outlines, treatments, and scripts were developed from project-ideas
into elaborate detailed plans, tested out by proofs of concepts, pilots and websites.
These plans also incorporate precise social enterprises including all legal aspects to produce them:
strategical, tactical, and logistical procedures, technical performances, plannings, cost calculations,
internal policies and standardizations of operating-procedures.
Hundreds, thousand(...) of these plans have been developed into scripts and scenarios for movies and TV-programs
to produce on running belts.
All of the innovative formats, concepts, storytelling films and documentaries are original, with rights available for participations.
All Audio-Visual activities target a social enterprice (a Holding in formation), with the purpose to realise
all the various project developments to be presented on this internet TV-station / new portal of the United Nations.

Thus far, the development of this mission has been financed through inventors' own sources and family sponsorings,
garanteed without political influences.

Important is that non-political peaceful state of mind behind RTPK.
This encourages awareness of compassion and non-violence methods and techniques through Audio-Visual means.
All its operations are directed and executed with a ‘down to Earth' mentality and open attitude, accentuating ethical values in which
earning money is not the aim, but a necessary means’.

Also touched by this plan? contact:
I look forward to your reply and will be pleased to discuss any details with you, with the aim of realizing the plan as described above.

Yours sincerely,
Eric Gigengack
(AV+ICT project developer/film-director).

Enemy-image: Human Rights Violation Peace symbol

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II): The Aim of RTPK

The Aim of ‘Reality-TV’ is the formation of an innovative Internet TV-station / -portal / -platform,
realizing a more effective and more efficiënt United Nations.
The aim of the 'Purple Peace Keepers’ is to establish recurrent, enduring periods of peace more efficiently and economically.
'Purple Peace Keepers' are newly formed hightech observation units utilizing military procedures, materials, outlooks, skills & drills.
Their main means are cameras, use of Martial Arts tactics, giving solution advices by showing other point of views (it's about how you look at it).

The purpose of the 'Purple Peace Keepers’ is to improve the functioning of many facets of the UN.
They focus their observations -including their relative objective point of view methods- on universal problems for the special works
of the UN itself.

On this moment (January 2016) RTPK is accredated by: UN organisations

The Purple Peace Keepers are to be prepared to serve under the command of the UN Secretary General,
and under operational command of the UN High Commissioners.
This specialized order uses Audio Visual tools as the technical ‘eyes & ears’ of the UN.
These sensors observe in real-time operations of all UN-departments.
On location the 'Purple PK's register reality with cameras and sound-recordings.
The digi-video images are directly transmitted by satellite to the Operationroom.
Their images give useful insight and management tools into operational fields anywhere in the World, by viewings directed by
the Operationroom through digital radio interaction.
The livestreaming is not the same as that of Twitter / Facebook / Youtube; where civilians are making video registrations by being on location by coincidence. Here professionals are operating, directed by the Operationroom.
The UN Safety Council can mandate very special observation-operations for the 'Purple Peace Keepers' on bordered territories.
'Purple PK's liaison operators' may have diplomatic passports from the UN, and are recognizable by special camouflage uniforms,
and have no firearms but non-leathal 'Special Effects' to defend themselves.
All PK-operations are bordered by the golden rules, CLICK HERE to read them.

To finance this PK-observation system, advertisers and sponsors presents themselves by included commercials
(new original marketing formats)on the internet- TV station ’Reality-TV’.
'Reality-TV' and special developed featurefilm formats will finance all functionings of the 'Purple Peace Keepers'.

This 'Reality-TV system' supports economically the 'Purple Peace Keepers system' by innovative commercial inscript- and productplacements
and/or advertisements during programs and during breaks.
Advertisers and sponsors will NOT have influences on the content of the programs, they only surf on the viewer-quota.

'Reality-TV' is made up of five main channels, that broadcast (after 5 years for twenty-four (24) hours) daily:
  • CHANNEL 1: Presents results of PK-trainings by the format 'Reconstructions' (named RECO's).
                           It is an interactive multi-media channel/platform.
                           There are 3 forms of reconstructions:
                                            A) Trade oriented: re-building-up projects; (faction) purpose is to develop local economies.
                                                 For example: Aid, trade and investments
                                            B) Edutainment RECO's (abduction Reco's):
                                                 Short visuals of happend incidents in the past as lessons how the Human mind works (in all knowledge domains).
                                                 For example: CRIME RECONSTRUCTIONS
                                            C) Media plans per nation (Science Fiction)
                                                 For example: SCRIPT: The Anne Frank of Uganda
                           This channel is the big moneymaker for RTPK
    Main purpose: education about wisdom, the science about happyness.

  • CHANNEL 2: Presents the format 'International...Researches'.
                           These are interactive documentaries comparing strategical, tactical and concrete investigations
                           about a certain universal problem item, (fill in on...)per country.
                           It is an interactive multi-media channel/platform.
                           For example: International REFUGEE Researchers (Kenia)
                           Programs focus on causes of problems and contain alternative solutions such as conflict prevention,
                           fights against corruption, watermanagement, aging, drugs, landmines, trade, famine, all deseases etc.

                           Main purpose: intercultural education to solve universal problems.

  • CHANNEL 3: Presents logistic observations of AID operations during disasters, incl. prevention, lessons learned, and evaluations.
                           It is interactive and livestreaming.
                           Main purpose: lessons learned for faster and more effective aid against damages of disasters.

  • CHANNEL 4: Presents programms about the climates-, environments- and animal- projects of the UN.
                           It is interactive and live.
                           This channel includes programs with the intention to transform agricultures in the direction of vegetarian visions.
                           Main purpose: healthier planet.

  • CHANNEL 5: Presents peace-operations and anti-corruption projects and organised crimes neutralisations.
                           They are also very effective in international disarmament inspections and controls (NBC).
                           It is live and interactive.
                           The new stars are Purple Knight commanders in the fields. Each one has his/her own team and audience.
                           Main purposes: more peace, justice and fairness.
* 'Live' programs may become broadcasted later in time because of safety reasons.


All content of these internet TV-programs are new concepts, stemming from original formats, never before broadcasted.

RTPK helps the UN to realize her aim by transforming peace-enforcement strategies into more sustainable peace-making, peace-building,
peace-keeping, and faster humanitarian (re-)actions.

The social relevance of this project is decreasing costs for a structural continuing of peace.
This will be achieved through intensivation of trade, communication, education and increasing involvement of World-inhabitants
CLICK HERE for specifications.
Initiation of trade is especially focused upon by RTPK in areas where the UN is already in action ('make trade instead of war').


The total RTPK project is planned to become realised in the basis within five (5) years after the starting-through.


Our peace force Enemy-image: No Mercy

III): Means & Operation areas of RTPK

RTPK is to operate in the following reality-domains: Reality Domains
Casting International is presently seeking investors, distribution-channels, and advertisers / sponsors to realize step by step RTPK.

Do you have interest in, or questions about the RTPK-system / mission, for example:
  • Detailed financial breakdowns and plannings.
  • The organization of order within the 'Purple Peace Keepers'.
  • The structure of multiple observation units of the 'Purple Peace Keepers'.
  • An organigram of the implementation of RTPK within the UN,
please contact:

We welcome your interest and are ready to present further details.
Thank you for your attention and your consideration in case of Reality-TV of the Purple Peace Keepers.

Attachment 1:)
Global schedule of RTPK-system.

If you can't see the schedule CLICK HERE

Attachment 2:)
An organigram of the Holding
to be established.

If you can't see the organigram CLICK HERE
An organigram of the Holding that will realise RTPK (the Holding is to be established).

For a detailed overview of all the 5 TV-channels CLICK HERE.


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